The Power Of A Dream Film & Story

“The Power of a Dream” Is an Inspirational True Story of a Texas Native

At The Power Of A Dream, we work with people who want to help others. In our quest to inspire people to reach higher, we present the inspirational true story of Eric Castillo in the Power of a Dream movie. This film covers the experiences of Castillo as he rose above the personal challenges he faced at the age of 28. Without any previous experience, Castillo had a dream to play collegiate football. As he trained hard and collaborated with teammates, Castillo earned an invitation to the UIW 2013 first Division 1 football camp. Although he was the oldest and least experienced player, Eric Castillo achieved his dream. This inspirational message isn’t the only reason to appreciate the film, because Castillo has made a name for himself through his nonprofit organization that provides pairs of shoes to community organizations. The film was put together by Taylor James Johnson and focuses on the struggles that Castillo faced to turn his life around, achieving his dream and creating a nonprofit organization that gives back to the community. Follow the road Eric Castillo traveled to move beyond past mistakes and overcome personal challenges. Share his successes and receive inspiration for your own journey.

You Have What It Takes to Reach Your Dreams

At The Power Of A Dream, we believe that we can inspire communities to work together, reaching out to those who need a helping hand. Through this inspirational movie, we hope to spark the confidence and hope necessary to move forward. If you’re interested in learning more about the availability of the movie or possible showings in your area, give us a call at 210-833-8786. Feel free to ask us about attending weekend fitness camps as well.